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We discover, curate and handpick Emerging Technologies (ETs) from around the globe based on their potential to provide meaningful business impact for large companies. Our Enterprise Members come from retail, media, energy, CPG, travel and even government sectors. 

Every industry needs to be more agile — NOW. That is what Iterate Studio enables. globalConcepts When we see likely fits between start-ups and a large company, we reveal these options for Member consideration. Upon approval we begin the Proof-of-Value planning, experimentation, and analysis process. This is how we ensure that all adoption decisions are based on real-world test results with actual customers, not on sales promises or gut feel.

We handle this experimentation work as a managed service, so our Members don’t have to shoulder the burden. We deliberately curate for solutions that don’t require traditional IT involvement — so we don’t get caught up in the dreaded IT work queue. 

Our Singular Approach to LegalWe have also streamlined the legal process, called PushProof™, so that a single Iterate MSA covers all the proof-of-value experiments. So you avoid the time-consuming legal review process for each and every proof. For a great many of our clients, this pioneering One Agreement, Many Tests™ concept alone makes the entire relationship feasible.

After these Proof-of-Value experiments are complete, Iterate provides anonymized Perfect Insights that summarize the results in a way that does not expose any confidential or proprietary information. These are shared among all of our Members so they can make faster and more fact-based innovation adoption decisions.

In all cases, Iterate extends their discovery and vetting of needle-moving technologies very quickly, at very low cost and very low risk.

Our Premier Members also have access to our Custom Compound Solution design and prototyping service. This is where the Member presents a difficult business challenge that goes well beyond a single point solution, to involve multiple ETs plus some new Iterate IP.

Some of our highly proprietary work in this area involves combining 4G tracking/heatmapping with web technology that speeds up mobile response by 40% over current best-of-breed.  For others we are combining Software POS with Air Bump with Audio Listening with a cutting edge Internet of Things platform (paint-on antennae) to make shopping and inventory tracking more seamless.

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Pre-Introducing - The Enterprise Innovation Marketplace

Imagine a global “speed dating” platform for enterprises and start-ups

Visit - The Enterprise Innovation PlatformSo far our new approach to digital innovation is working fabulously well and is gaining a lot of traction — including several strategic partnerships with industry giants such as Capgemini, Demandware and others. 

But, being a start-up ourselves, we had to ask the obvious question: How can our model best achieve sustained explosive scalability on a global level?

The answer is – a new bi-directional marketplace where a worldwide community of enterprises and entrepreneurs can quickly and confidentially match solutions to problems.

The idea is to normalize the vendor information to simplify the discovery and evaluation process and to provide true clarity (instead of sales hype) — including actual business results they’ve achieved that are validated in the platform by their actual customers. header image

Click the image to visit and sign up for your free membership

Enterprise Members can anonymously and confidentially post business or technical challenges and will alert relevant start-ups. They in turn can respond through the platform’s messaging system with reasons why their solution should be considered by the enterprise. 

Although is currently in its alpha stage, the community already includes over 130,000 start-up profiles, with information being added and enriched on a daily basis. Several dozen major enterprises have already signed up in just the first few weeks. Challenges have been posted and engagement is under way.

We’re adding features and functions every few days. We’re also getting a lot of excellent feedback from our community members.

Please visit and sign up for your free membership.


Our New Demandware Partnership

Innovation is at the core of the Demandware cloud commerce solutions.  The partnership with Iterate Studio not only complements the ongoing innovation that we deliver to the Demandware Commerce Cloud, this partnership will rapidly surface new and innovative technologies to the LINK ecosystem. The alliance will enable clients to more rapidly identify and adopt emerging technologies to drive competitive advantage in their markets. Tom Griffin

SVP Corporate Development, Demandware

Adding a New Dimension to the LINK Ecosystem

Visit Demandware.comWe’re very excited about our new relationship with Demandware.

As a new member of their LINK ecosystem, Iterate can now more easily bring our unique brand of high-speed, low-risk digital innovation testing to Demandware’s global customer base.  

Given DWRE’s long-standing commitment to rapid innovation in the platform itself, we kind of like the feeling of standing on the shoulders of a giant.  (The view is pretty good from up here.)


In Other News.....

Disrupting the B2B software sales & buying process

It Starts With a Tour of the Possible

NRFtech2015banner800 JeffRosterTweetNRF800The good folks at the National Retail Federation invited Iterate to curate and conduct a special Tour of the Possible for the CIOs, CMOs and other executives at their exclusive NRFtech conference in July. We brought in Emerging Technologies who covered a broad array of digital innovations: web, mobile, in-app and in-store.  We also covered security initiatives, robotics, deep learning and the Internet of Things.  The audience got 24 elevator pitches back-to-back — before lunch!

We have conducted dozens of these Tours of the Possible in the US, UK and Europe over the past year. Some are exclusive to particularly large enterprises and others are invitation-only events for several non-competing enterprises.

tourofthepossible-plain-200In every case, each attendee leaves with a short list of “must try” technologies. Our activation and experimentation team engages to lay out the most sensible “playbook” of Proof-of-Value tests. Once that’s approved, we’re off to the races, collecting real-word results data.

Thus far, over 75% of these proofs have lead to contractual adoption of the technology.

POP QUIZ – Iterate Studio saves its innovation community members precious time on:

  • Endless inbound sales solicitations
  • Dead-end evaluation cycles (Iterate runs Proof-of-Concept experiments, eliminating the ROI guess-work)
  • Oversubscribed technical and business resources (proofs are done without tapping your internal resources)
  • Untangling the thousands of digital solutions that you could be looking at
  • Surfacing the ones you should be looking at
  • Eliminating the complexity of negotiating trial agreements and gaining access to vendor platform

Correct Answer: All of the above.

The Smartest and most innovating brands in the world partner with Iterate

Our client community: helping themselves and each other

We continue to expand our client base with forward-thinking brands from around the world. They come to us not only for exposure to — and experimentation with — promising emerging technologies, but also to learn from each others’ experiences. Being part of the Iterate Innovation Community is an important part of their competitive strategies.

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