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What Is Iterate?

Iterate Gets You Closer To Innovation

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We discover new digital inventions around the globe

We put uncovered maturing start-ups through technology and business validity checks to ensure they’re safe for our Lab Members. We bring large-companies and start-ups together when we see a likely long-term fit. Then, we rigorously quantify that fit to provide Perfect Insights for adoption decisions.

We do all the proof-of-concept planning, experimentation, and analysis to ensure our data is based on real-world test results, not on gut feel.

We help Retail and Media Members double, triple or quadruple their volume of experiments. This should double, triple or quadruple success rates. Iterate’s broad Membership base, shown below, is what creates high velocity. This means faster testing and faster learnings for all participating executives and entrepreneurs.

The State of Iterate Member Community

If your great team has invented a unique emerging technology — something that will truly move the needle for large retailers or media brands — we want to see it.

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Curation + Experimentation = Competitive Advantage

Ongoing Discovery

Iterate constantly “listens” for new tech, globally.
Using a distributed network of discovery nodes:


Curation + Experimentation = Competitive Advantage

Constant Curation

Iterate saves our Retail and Media brand Members precious time. For large companies, we make sense of your sheer volume inbound requests. We cut through the mind-numbing array of options that you are bombarded with daily. Untangling the 1000′s of innovative solutions you could be looking at … methodically presenting the few you should be looking at.


Every start-up claims to deliver a positive business-impact.
So each claim is evaluated — on behalf of all Iterate Members. Funding, team, technology, systems, scalability, reference checks, competitive landscapes — it all interests us.
Findings are catalogued.

More than 9,000 companies classify themselves as e-commerce start-ups. We sort and classify those start-ups. Making curated recommendations.  But also allowing you to access our database on an as-needed basis. Ultimately, we expose the diamonds in the rough — those emerging technologies our Retailers and Media companies should validate or test.

Curation + Experimentation = Competitive Advantage

More Experiments

Iterate expands the testing capacity of large companies.
Streamlined process means more experiments.
Claims are tested for proof-of-concept. Using real live traffic — from real retail and media participants.


Curation + Experimentation = Competitive Advantage

Sharing & Insights

After an experiment, outcomes are shared with other Member retailers and media brands.
Members become smarter, faster, on what’s working and what isn’t, through the shared learning.


Curation + Experimentation = Competitive Advantage


Time-to-testing is fast.
Iterate removes the need for large companies to do ROIs and MSAs before testing.

Iterate also implements the tests, so IT pipelines are not an issue.


Curation + Experimentation = Competitive Advantage

About Iterate

Iterate Studio discovers and curates disruptive technologies from start-ups around the world for an exclusive Member-group of non-competing retailers and media companies.

We conduct rapid proof-of-concept experiments with a sampling of your site visitors to quantify the impact on your business so you can commit  resources for RFPs, evaluation, MSAs, implementation and testing on new projects that have a known outcome.

That’s how we provide our Iterate Co-op members an affordable, low-risk pipeline of innovative competitive advantages.

Iterate Studio saves Members precious time on:

Our experts are constantly curating the most promising new ecommerce technologies from around the world.

The Team


Investors & Advisors

The Smartest And Most Innovative Brands In the World Partner With Iterate

Our first entrepreneurs are seasoned

The founders of Iterate’s emerging technologies are an interesting bunch. They are focused on revolutionary improvements to visual search, rich media and website download speeds, dynamic pricing and couponing, social listening, shopper interaction within video containers … and much more.

Here are stats on the first entrepreneurs we’ve endorsed:


Sample of Innovation Lab Members

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